Windfarms in Scottish Waters – Floating vs. Fixed

The technology around wind turbines changed massively over the last few years. Many windfarm operators have applied for new licences only a short while after a licence was given, due to new possibilities they didn’t thought possible. Materials become cheaper, turbines taller, possibilities larger.


The fishing sector welcomes bigger turbines. Bigger turbines often mean less turbines, which equals less space for the energy park and more left for fishing.


However, bigger turbines are not the only new possibility. Another development is not received as well: floating turbines. Floating structures use more space, as the anchors to keep them in place are far from the turbines itself. Fishing, especially trawling, is impossible anywhere near floating turbines. While fishing inside a statutory wind park might be a possibility sometime in the future, fishing inside a floating windfarm is not.


During meetings regarding the new wind farm options in Scottish Waters, SWFPA and SFF have repeatedly voted against floating turbines. The fishing industry rather has statuary parks over a floating park any time. Unfortunately, it is the developers’ choice, who will have planned the park before talking to the fisheries. We will keep trying to change their minds by attending all necessary meetings.