Gear Locations

This page provides up to date information on static gear operations within a particular sea area. Please note that the specified areas are for information only. We strongly suggest that mobile operators working in close proximity to the areas make contact with the vessel/s concerned in order to determine the precise locations of the static gear.

We work to encourage mutual respect between all sectors of the industry so as to avoid spatial conflict.

It is important that static gear is correctly marked; information regarding marking can be found here and here.

In May 2018, the Scottish Government announced new measures to improve requirements for static gear within 12 nm of Scottish baselines. It entails:

  • Issuing guidance setting out best practice for marking static gear
  • Introducing legislation to prevent marking gear with inappropriate items such as milk cartons and netted footballs
  • Requiring licensed fishermen to mark buoys etc. with the PLN
  • Requiring unlicensed fishermen to mark gear with a unique reference number provided by Marine Scotland

Please note, in order to update our website with new creel co-ordinates the following template (which can be found here) must be completed and sent to

Endurance AH 136 Creels – 27.07.2021

27th July 20211627340400000 || 1627340400

Ashley AH 90 Creels – 26.07.2021

26th July 20211627254000000 || 1627254000

Asterion AH 15 Creels – 26.07.2021

26th July 20211627254000000 || 1627254000

Aurora AH 17 Creels – 26.07.2021

26th July 20211627254000000 || 1627254000

Camann II BF 160 – 15.07.2021

15th July 20211626303600000 || 1626303600

Usan Lass ME50 & Sophie ME2 – Creel Co-ordinates 08.07.21

8th July 20211625698800000 || 1625698800