Protecting and promoting our members' interests

At SWFPA, it’s our job to help our fishermen succeed. We protect and promote our members’ interests across a range of national and international political arenas, from healthcare schemes to economic advocacy.

Keep reading to learn more about our services, or browse the rest of our site to learn how SWFPA serves as Scotland’s largest fishing association.


What We Offer

Being an SWFPA member has lots of advantages, not all of which can be summed up in a list of bullet points. To give you an idea of how we support Scottish fishermen and Scottish seas, however, we have explained below some of the most important services we offer to our members.


BUPA-based healthcare scheme

SWFPA operates a BUPA-based healthcare scheme, which was tailor-made for our 1,400 members. It helps ensure access to the best possible medical care.


Fish container service

In response to our industry’s concerns, SWFPA formed Box Pool Solutions Ltd. – a company which supplies and operates a fish container service. Box Pool Solutions currently operates 120,000 containers, and our commitment to quality service is unparalleled. That’s why we’re the first choice among our members.


Up-to-date information

We share daily information on fish prices, marine hazards, toxin levels, static gear locations, and prohibited areas.


Workers’ advocacy

Partly due to a recent downturn in fleet profitability, many boats experience a chronic shortage of trained crew. That’s why we work with accredited agents overseas to facilitate the transfer of non-EU nationals into Scottish fleets.



Want to Learn More?

As the political advocates of our members and our seas, we follow an adaptive, dynamic policy, always remaining engaged with our fishermen.

Browse our website to learn more about SWFPA and our members, and please get in touch if you have any questions or insights.