Crew Welfare

Protecting our fishermen: the last of Scotland's hunter-gatherers

Without hardworking fishermen and producers, Scotland’s thriving seafood industry would not exist.

Formed in 1943, the Scottish White Fish Producers Association (SWFPA) is the largest fishing association in Scotland – and in Europe. We represent around 200 vessels and 1,400 fishermen who contribute a collective £158 million to Scotland’s economy.

Who Are Our Fishermen?

Fishermen and producers in Scotland are hardworking and diverse. Of the over 4,000 fishermen in Scotland, 1,200 are non-UK natives. Out of that number, over 800 are from non-EEA countries – mainly from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Ghana.

Protecting Our Members

Twice a year, we at SWFPA visit the agencies that arranged for these non-UK native members to work in the UK, ensuring that the fishermen’s families are treated fairly by the local agencies. We also confirm that appropriately allocated money goes directly to the fishermen and their families.

We also strongly support the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS), which was developed to raise standards in the catching sector, enabling those within the seafood supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to the responsible sourcing of seafood. The RFS is the only global standard that audits compliance on board fishing vessels, including ethical and welfare criteria.

You can learn more about fish welfare by clicking here.

Want to Learn More?

SWFPA takes the treatment of all our crews very seriously. Internal processes are in place to reprimand any staff members or vessel operators who do not treat all members fairly and with respect.

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